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Oasis Investments Incorporated is a privately owned investment corporation under sole the proprietorship of Adeline P. Sung as President. Oasis concentrates primarily in commercial real estate investments. Oasis also promotes and supports business related to showcasing the culture of China.

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Shanghai Institute of Design
A institute's goal is to nuture and develop the best designers.
School given exclusive recognition as "The Best Creative Intelligence In Daning"

Governor, CEO and officials of the school





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Green by Adeline
Fashion with a Conscience

Beautiful, modern clothing made with 100% eco-friendly luxurious fabrics. GREEN by Adeline caters to the fashion conscious, socially and environmentally responsible woman. Not only are we styling the world of change, we are constantly striving to change the world of style. Our commitment to environmental responsibility begins with the eco-friendly materials used in all of our clothing including certified organic cotton, hemp, soy, wood pulp and bamboo. Our store GREEN by Adeline is located at 5136 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77056.

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Also, Oasis has several DBA involved in other successful business projects. These successful DBA are described below:

Serenity Waterscapes
Fourteen years ago, Adeline introduced Serenity Waterscapes from East China to Western United States. The product is set in marble showcasing a miniature mountain landscape with a running riverand waterfall. These Chinese artworks promote clean air and proper humidity. It’s great for clearing the mind and relaxing.

Serenity Waterscapes has been promoted in the press. The Houston Post interviewed Adeline on February 22, 1994. PBS on Channel 8, Houston Texas in Celebration of Chinese Festival 95, interviews Serenity Waterscapes on January 28, 1995. ABC’s Good Morning American on Channel 13, Houston Texas in Celebration of Chinese New Year Display Serenity Waterscapes as Background on National Television on January 31, 1995. City Controller’s Office invited Serenity Waterscapes for exhibition as the “Spring Art Opening” on May 30th to June 30th at 1996. In May of 1997, Volume27 Number3, the highly respected world renowned elite magazine in the arts, Arts of Asia, published a special article introducing tray-landscapes in Serenity Waterscape.


Adeline Boutique

Customer Profile:
Adeline Boutique provides classical and elegant clothing for business women aged 30 or mutual. Adeline Boutique fashion lines include: Evening Dress, Ready-to-ware, Casual ware and Sport line.  Also, it has an accessory line including: Purse, Shoes, and Jewelry.  Adeline Boutique’s customers are well rounded, cultured, and passionate about fashion and the arts.  They are take pride in their appearance by looking their best at all times.  The customer always wears the fashion as stylish.

The Adeline Boutique:
Adeline Boutique is DBA of Oasis Investments Incorporated.  The headquarter office is located at 5847 San Felipe Suite 1700, Houston, Texas 77057.  Adeline Boutique the business is internationally.  The designer participates in every seasonal Premiere Vision or gets PV report from Paris or Milan in advance the color and material.  But, Adeline Boutique’s style is not as simple as the fashion.  The design principle for designer is stylish more important than fashion.  Fashion is taking the popular style to the market and its style is temporary.  But stylish emphasizes the person, personality and their character.  The value of the stylish is that it lasts much longer than fashion.

The Designer:
The owner and founder of Adeline Boutique, Adeline Sung, is an American fashion stylist from Houston, Texas. Adeline is grown up in a family involved with fashion.  Her mother is a special customer designer and tailor and her father is a garment designer and sample maker.  Fashion came naturally to her growing up.  Adeline received her fashion designing education in Hong Kong, Paris, and Milan.  She started fashion designing since in Hong Kong; she has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.



Willy Wang Organization
Adeline is a founder of Willy Wang Organization. Along with board members, Adeline provided support for the promotion of Chinese-American artist Willy Wang. The team developed commissions and publications resulting in the following:

A four-panel bas-relief sculpture honoring the life of former President George H. W. Bush.

- A seven-foot bronze sculpture figure for the Methodist Hospital system. The sculpture is displayed in five hospital locations.

- An oil painting of Reverenced Don Adger Wimberly, Chairman of the Board of St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston.

- A marble bust of Madam Sun Yat Sen, Mother of China, commissioned by her alma mater, Wellesley Women’s College.

- A substantial sale of Mr. Wang’s collection by the most prestigious auction company in China, the China Guardian Auction Co., Ltd.

- Published book "Willy Wang Artwork". The career of the artist showing his sculptures, drawings and designs.


Green by Adeline Day

Mayor's Proclamation
"Green by Adeline Day"



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Jesus Healing - Methodist Hospital
Houston, Texas

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