Willy Wang Organization establish in 2002, the Board of Directors by Adeline and Willy’s 5 other students, Oasis Investments Incorporated was fully support for the organization.  Willy Wang is a great artist.  Within two years (2002-2004), the organization got serval extremely important commissioned artwork for Willy as below:

A) a)    Create four bas-relief sculpture honouring the life of former president George H. Bush(senior);

  • B) Large as seven-foot bronze status of Jesus Healing for five different locations of the Methodist Hospital in Houston;

  • C) Printing a medium-sized oil print bust for the Chairman of the Board of Directors of St. Luke Hospital in Houston

  • D)  A marble bust of Madam Sun-Yat-Sen for Wellesley Women’s College, her alma mater;

  • E) Six of group bronzes accepted and sold by the most prestigious auction company in China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd.

  • F) Published “Willy Wang Artwork” with 135 pages in 11” x 15”