Serenity Waterscape was established in 1994.  It’s the movement arts import from China, it was designed with various strange peaks and mountains, misty clouds, mini bridges, flowing water inserted in Chinese bonsai.  The principle of misty clouds is from air negative ions, it has special function for cleaning the air, so Adeline decided to introduce it to the United States.  During the Chinese New Year in 1995, domestic TV station 13 used this art as a background to send New Year greetings to nationwide. During the art festival, Oasis was invited by the municipality to display it on the whole floor of the art hall of the municipality building.  Here, it’s worth mentioning that an archaeologist Christopher Chu was admire very much for a woman who was able to move Chinese landscape and dynamic artworks from east of earth to the west, so that everyone could enjoy together.  A six-pages article (including photo of Adeline and waterscape of bonsai) was written in seven languages of the world’s top art magazine Arts of Asia, tracing the origin of Chinese bonsai from the Tang Dynasty (A. D, 618-907).